The Return of Fate

The Story, From the Top

And So Below

Our heroes have arrived in Houston, TX – one of the busiest port cities in the U.S.

Leona O’Malley has heard some disparaging information from a source on The Net about her family’s supposed car crash. That maybe it wasn’t a car crash and that it’s part of a conspiracy perpetrated by some government funded private organization that goes by the name of Tangenic Systems. Leona decides to investigate Tangenic herself and hits a roadblock, or rather, a giant guy in a suspicious elevator with a gun. She gets out and considers her options. She also performs information gathering for her co-collaborator, Helena Vane.

Helena is following a lead on her sister’s disappearance with the help of Leona. She stops at the Run of the Mill bar to question the bar tender. After some persuading, he informs her that Jack Tearman would definitely know something about any disappearing girls. She tries to confront him at the bar and two men push her out of the back door. She dispatches them easily and runs after Tearman, where she meets two men using strange hand gestures in front of her.

Ted Williams has just returned from an excursion into Big Thicket, looking into reports of animal mutilations that smelled strongly of anthropological interest (and rot). He meets his old friend, Jim Highwall and they investigate the area for more information. He contactsFrank Henderson for backup if things should go south. Afterwards, he decides to have a drink at the Run of the Mill bar not far from the airport, where he meets Helena, who is in trouble with a couple occultists in leather jackets wielding a strange power over Helena. Helena kicks their butts as well, Ted is extremely curious and finds a Squid Coin in one of the men’s pockets.

Cyndi finds herself in a completely different and decidedly stranger predicament. She was travelling in the somewhat familiar, but otherworldly Dreamscape where she learns that her power transcends the physical. Then she awakens to the cold hard reality of the mysterious medical facility where she is strapped to a bed. When trying to escape, a man comes in with a needle and tries to inject her with something. She activates her telekinesis and jams a butter knife into his neck. He now lies bleeding on top of her, but she notices something about his shirt…


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