Big Thicket National Park

Big Thicket is a 90 mile drive east by northeast up US-90 (the most direct route).

The Faters know a little about a supposed supernatural event that occurred within the refuge of Big Thicket. Ted Williams interacted with Ranger Tanya Higgins to discover more information about the event. It is a well known point of natural leyline intersection among certain circles of Wilderes and occultists.

[Big Thicket is the name of a heavily forested area in Southeast Texas, United States. Several attempts to provide boundaries have been made ranging from only a 10 to 15 mile section of Hardin County to an area encompassing over 29 counties and over 3,350,000 acres. Scientific studies have been performed also, but with varying results. In ‘… 1936, … Hal B. Parks and Victor L. Cory of the Texas Agriculture Experiment station conducted a biological survey of the Big Thicket region’. Their study, based on geology, resulted in over 3,350,000 acres of Southeast Texas and covering 14 counties from Houston in the west to Orange in the east and Huntsville to Wiergate on the north.

What the Big Thicket lacks in geographical aesthetics is made up for by the biodiversity contained within. During the last glacial period, plant and animal species from many different biomes moved into the area. Before their extinction, the Big Thicket was home to most species of North American megafauna.]*

A few townships are located within Big Thicket, most notably Kountze, known as the “Big Light in the Big Thicket”

The waterways of Big Thicket follow Village Creek to extend out to the Neches River (aka Sabine River) and southeast emptying out in Sabine Lake bordering Port Arthur, 10 miles south of Beaumont and 90 miles east of Houston. Sabine lake branches out to the Gulf of Mexico at the border of Louisiana and Texas. From here there are multiple waterways and complex wetlands systems extending through southeast Texas and Louisiana.


Big Thicket National Park

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