Skill List

x’s and o’s correspond with the action list of overcome, create an advantage, attack, defend , respectively. An ‘x’ means that Skill can perform that action an ‘o’ that it cannot.

Athletics X X O X Use to defend against all physical attacks. Use to overcome jumping, running, climbing, swimming, etc. Create advantage during conflict to clear challenging obstacles or to be in a better position, like jumping on to a ledge or running faster than an opponent.

Burglary X X O O Use to overcome locks, traps, theft, infiltration. Use to create specific knowledge about a place’s ability to be infiltrated, to determine vulnerabilities and security level.

Contacts X X O X Use to find someone, poll information, network, etc. Create aspects on story contacts, Best Mechanic Around, Known as a Mean Guy, Notorious Swindler

Crafts X X O O Use to build, break, repair machinery. Create aspects on machines for advantage such as Armor Plated, Rugged Construction, notice flaws Hasty Work, Flaw in the CrossBeam, etc

Deceive X X O X Use to defend against Empathy. Use to successfully lie, bluff, trick, or manipulate. Use to create distraction, cover story, etc aspects.

Drive X X O X Use to defend damage on a vehicle. Use to overcome rough terrain, small clearance, bad weather, or for stunt driving. Create aspects on a route like Shortcut, Ramp, Secluded Alleyway, etc.

Empathy X X O X Use to defend against Deceive. Use to notice changes in behavior or to cipher a character’s intent. Create new aspects on NPCs.

Fight X X X X Use in physical conflicts. Use to defend against close physical attacks. Melee and hand-to-hand combat usually.

Investigate X X O O Use to discover information or items that are hidden: forensics, discovery, etc. Create aspects about the game world or NPCs that are reasonable.

Lore X X O O Use to overcome a problem of knowledge: decipher ancient language, have an answer to a complex question, etc. Create obscure story detail, or an aspect about an NPC or beast type.

Notice X X O X Use to defend against Stealth. Use to overcome observational aspects: spotting a threat, hearing a faint sound, etc. Create aspects based on observation that can create a reaction to external changes, Escape Route, Weakness to Light, Puddle on the Floor, etc. Notice takes a passive role in combat.

Physique X X O X Determines physical stress levels. Overcome obstacles that require brute strength. Moving a boulder or fallen support beam, etc. Use to create aspects in physical conflict such as Grappling, Pinned, etc.

Provoke X X X O Use to make mental attacks on opponents. Use to overcome by intimidating, angering, or scaring an opponent. This can create an aspect such as Enraged, Shocked, Hesitant.

Rapport X X O X Use to defend against damage to your reputation, sour a mood you’ve created, or make you look bad. Use to charm or inspire people to establish a good connection. Create aspects over individuals, a scene, or a group of people. Elevated Confidence, Joyful Fervor, Talkative, Helpful

Resources X X O O Use to throw money at a problem such as bribery, acquiring expensive items, bidding wars. Create an aspect by using money _ I Scratch Your Back, Drinks Are on Me, etc._

Shoot X X X O Used for long range physical attacks. Can be made from up to 2 zones away. Use to create aspects like Trick Shots, or notice weapon aspects like Prone to Jams, etc.

Stealth X X O X Used to defend against Notice attempts. Used to overcome obstacles where being quiet and unseen is ideal, sneaking past guards, hiding, avoiding leaving evidence, etc. Create aspects on yourself such as Well Hidden, Quiet as a Mouse, or Hard to Pin Down in the dark.

Tech X X X X Used to create an advantage using technology, mostly computers and smart phones, this includes accessing terminals, information gathering, and reaching out to contacts on a network. Use to overcome security network obstacles such as password protected devices, security camera feeds, etc. This also defends against malicious digital attacks and can be used to make malicious attacks with a corresponding Hack or Programming stunt.

Will X X O X Used to determine level of mental stress. Use to defend against Provoke. Use to overcome mental challenges. Puzzles, riddles, codes, chess, etc. Use to create aspects on yourself such as Deeply Focused, etc.

Modifier Effect to corresponding Will or Physique
+1 or +2 (Average Fair) Add 3 point stress box
+3 or +4 (Good Great) Add 3 and 4 point stress box
+5 (Superb) Add 3 and 4 point stress box plus an additional mild consequence

Skill List

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