Leona O'Malley



Age: 34
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero
Faith: Vehement atheist
Profession: None (officially). Practically, a very skilled hacker.
Extremely cautious (bordering on paranoid), skeptical of most things (and people). Doesn’t trust easily, but once you gain her trust, she is extremely loyal.
Physical: Hair color changes frequently. Currently black. Brown eyes. 5’8’’. Fairly average looking. Tends toward wearing all black, but switches it up for disguise/to blend in.


Family: Normal childhood, only child. Became interested in computers at a young age. Showed an aptitude for coding/hacking. Did something (?) from her home computer. A few weeks later her parents are killed in a car accident. She became convinced someone had them killed because of what she did, and went into hiding.

Doesn’t do well in the woods/country/places with no access to the internet/electricity.
Really good at getting money (hacking ATMs, wire transfers, etc.)
Contacts: network of antisocial hackers.

Leona O'Malley

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