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Hello Faters!

We are a coalition of talented individuals fighting the supernatural forces that are leading humanity into destruction. We are the survivors and witnesses of human experimentation. A clandestine organization seeks our silence by any means necessary. We will try to escape capture, undermine their efforts, reveal the truth, and find closure from the horrors that we have witnessed.

Use the Skills List to reference the function of your character’s skills and get an idea for what sort of actions they would be best at performing.

I’ve added an extra item, Leona’s MNHD, or Mobile Network Handheld Device, her super-power-smart phone. We can talk more about its specifics (like battery life) later on down the road.

I will also add the current map relevant to the campaign.

I’ve added a wiki on Big Thicket and the Dreamlands

Below are links to wikis relevant to the present campaign:
Wolfgang Heimlitz
Houston, TX
Tangenic Systems
Squid Cult

Home Page

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